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thequestionclub's Journal

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The Question Club
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A place to ask questions, and answer them.

Note: TQC has moderated membership, If you would like to become a member, contact us before attempting to join.

Welcome to The Question Club!

Got a question you've been dying to get answered? Curious about something, or want advice? You've come to the right place. Don't be afraid to ask anything. Someone here will have an answer for you, or at least point you in the right direction to find your answer.


If you have any questions whatsoever about rules or the club in general or you have suggestions on how to make this a better place please contact shippo or noodledays. We'd be glad to chat with you about whatever you have on your mind. However, please DO NOT contact the mods directly about this community. Please leave a comment at the open post in tqc_mods.


The rules are here to make the environment enjoyable and fair for everyone. We don't ask much, so they shouldn't be hard to follow. Unless otherwise noted, you will get one warning when having a post deleted, after that you’ll be banned.

The bottom line: Be polite and think before you post.
  1. Every post must ask a question.

  2. Posts that break any applicable laws or violate LJ's Terms of Service will be deleted and you will likely be banned. As such, TQC is not a file-sharing community, nor is it BitTorrent. Get your music, movies, and warez elsewhere. This is your only warning.

  3. Don't delete your posts, disable/lock comments, freeze comment threads, or delete/screen comments made by other users. If you have an issue with a post/comment made by another user, contact the moderators. Exception: It's okay to delete a post if it was obviously intended for your personal journal or an accidental double-post.

  4. Snark is okay, but don't take it too far. Harassment of other users, making threats, and blatant disrespect for others is not welcome here.

  5. Trolling (i.e. making posts/comments with the intent of disrupting the community) is not allowed here.

  6. Please don't ask LJ support-related questions here. LiveJournal has a FAQ and a community of dedicated support volunteers who can help you.

  7. Do not promote your communities here. Also, please do not ask what communities are available on LiveJournal. community_promo and community_quest were created for these purposes.

  8. Don't post "questions" just to show off a link. We all think your 30,000lb cheesewheel is quite lovely this time of year, we don't want to see your PayPal donate button, nor do we want to vote for your puppy in an online contest. "Questions" that are just self-promoting or linkspam will be deleted.

  9. Don't post multiple questions in a short period of time. There should be at least a day or two since your last post. Feel free to combine multiple questions into one post.

  10. Feel free to use HTML formatting in your posts, as long as you don't use large text or markup that will mess up others' friends pages. If you're going to post large images (more than 500 pixels in width or height), YouTube embeds, or images that are inappropriate for a work setting, put them behind an LJ-cut.

  11. You will probably be mocked if you ask a question that is easily answered by a search engine. Deal with it. (Homework questions are a prime example of what will cause you grief.)

  12. No need to ask What's with the Bacos icon? (or What's with all the syringes?)

If everyone acts polite and civil, there won't be a need for more rules. :)

Yahoo! and Google can also help you find answers to your questions.

To find all your posts, copy and paste this URL: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/?poster=[yourname] and replace [yourname] with your user name.

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