Best instant coffee?

Hi peeps, I'm planning an event in June. I don't want to rent or lug a coffee urn or coffee maker. I plan on bringing a kettle and having tea and hot chocolate.

The community hall isn't near a Tim's or SBUX, so I can't get a coffee to go because it would be cold by the time people arrived,

I don't drink coffee so I am at a loss.

What is the best instant coffee that I could bring for coffee lovers that is made with hot water?

EDIT: Turns out Mom has a mini coffee machine that I can borrow. I will get some Cafe Bustelo just in case :)
Darth drip

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Poll #2097982 New Year. New Calendar

What type of calendar did you get this year?

NONE. Smart phone duh
Free promotional calendar
Boring desk calendar
Star Wars/Star Trek/sci fi
Recipe calendar
Time is a construct and I choose not to participate
Calendar showing all the species that will go extinct this year
Travel destinations
Game of Thrones /Harry Potter/fantasy
Other in comments

end of year oblivion question

if you want to do something depressing, look at all the species that have gone extinct in your lifetime.

that being said, is there something that you wish would go extinct (doesn't have to be an animal)?

bonus...what do you think would be the far-reaching consequences of that extinction?

(i would say humorous or non-humorous welcome, but it's pointless since people will do whatever they want anyway! 😁)

Fractal vader

Holiday travel

What's the longest you've ever driven in one stretch?

I just completed 860 miles in 14 hours and 30 min

What's the longest flight/train/yak caravan you've been on?

Atlanta to Dubai 15 hrs....on Delta 😢


Quick Christmas Quiz!

Poll #2097749 Christmastime, Christmastime...

Were you naughty or nice this year?

A bit of both

A festive dinner is going to be held at your house. What are you serving?

Roast beef

Are you making up the guest room for friends and family??


Anything else going on in your holiday household?


Measure me this

Do you know how ounces convert to pounds? Despite them both being units in the Imperial System, my SO thinks that most people don't know that 8oz = ½ lb, etc. I figure if you know one, you know the other, at least for basic conversions since it is on basically all food packaging. So do you know it?

Five in Ten's TARDIS

Being helpful vs. being an arrogant know-it-all

In non-important situations (meaning, no serious consequences, not life-or-death) where you see other people having difficulties and you believe you know how to solve the problem, do you tend to step in and offer your (unasked-for but probably good) advice, or do you stay quiet because you don't want to come off as an arrogant know-it-all?

I just had this situation happen tonight and looking back on it, I'm wondering if I'm starting to get a reputation of being too arrogant.

I'm in a couple of adult community concert bands in my area, and the rehearsal tonight was for the band that's really casual, for people who just want to play no matter their skill level. The general skill level of the band is pretty low, though we have a number of pretty good musicians. My general attitude is that I like to learn to play different instruments, so though my best instrument is clarinet and to some extent sax, I play French horn and sometimes trombone or percussion for the group even though I'm really not very good at them. Most people in the band know that I switch around a lot. The conductor, Tim, is a good friend of mine and though he's a band teacher and plays all instruments, he is primarily a brass player.

Tonight, we were practicing a piece which the saxes (all casual players) were having a lot of problems with. They had to switch between two notes rapidly in a strange tempo, so Tim was working with them to get the timing right. However, I could see - and Tim couldn't, because he's not really a woodwind player - that the problem was that it was difficult to switch back and forth rapidly between those particular notes, in other words a problem with fingering, not with timing. So I raised my hand and pointed it out, and then got out my phone to look up alternate ways to play those notes.

Should I have stayed silent? I'm not concerned with what Tim thought, because he's a good friend and knows I'm competent, and he isn't the type to get offended when someone else butts in. But I'm kind of concerned that the rest of the band are starting not to like me because I do speak up like that. In most bands I've been in, the conductor is the one who makes the suggestions and decisions, except for the few instances in which there's another teacher or professional who has more expertise in a particular area. I'm not a musician of any skill and I don't work in a music field, so maybe people are starting to resent that I think I know things? I don't know.

Thanks for thoughts on this you might share!