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The Question Club

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Deal Breakers [Mar. 10th, 2018|06:10 pm]
The Question Club


If you were to enter the dating arena, what would your deal breakers be?

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Retail therapy [Mar. 9th, 2018|09:43 pm]
The Question Club

What's your favorite thing you've purchased since January 1 of this year?

And/or is there a purchase you regret making in that time period?
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Could this passage from a fantasy novel be a metaphor for prostate blockage? [Mar. 4th, 2018|04:27 pm]
The Question Club

I'm specifically looking for comments--and I realize how uncomfortable the topic might be--from people of a certain age who have (or have had) prostates; little_details has shown no activity since September, and the last post on menzhealth is a wall of Russian spam from October 2014.

Cut for: claustrophobia, burial alive, suffocation, sexualized bug metaphor, sexual assault, genital injury.Collapse )

Any thoughts?
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Boxsets [Mar. 3rd, 2018|10:20 pm]
The Question Club

Greetings all,

I need recommendations for some boxset/Netflix/Amazon series I can get obsessed with. Recent successes have been 'Breaking Bad' (late to that party, I know), 'Peaky Blinders', GOT and 'Vikings'. I like historical-setting series, blood/guts/gore is a-okay. Not really into comedies or "romantic sub-plots".
Didn't get on with 'Narcos' or 'Sons of Anarchy', which I thought I'd like, but didn't.
In the past, I've also enjoyed '24' and "Prison Break". Generally prefer male leads.
What else should I be trying?

Cheers all!
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What does this mean? [Mar. 2nd, 2018|09:41 pm]
The Question Club

Hey peeps, help an oldster out. I downloaded Bitmoji some time ago and was looking for a Valentine's Day piccie to send to my beloved. One of the options was popping out of a toilet. What does it mean? I love to poo? My love for you is like a poo? I'm a-flush with love for you?

I don't have any teenagers around to give me a sassy answer, so that's your job! (pic isn't mine, I found it on Twitter)

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Stick this [Mar. 1st, 2018|08:48 pm]
The Question Club


How many is too many stickers on the back of a car?
What do you think about a car that suffers from 'sticker clutter'?

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(no subject) [Feb. 28th, 2018|09:30 pm]
The Question Club

[music |Air // Le Soliel Est Près De Moi]

Have you ever been asked to leave?


Have you h been unwelcome to return?


Do you boycott things?


What's worse to have stuck on something?

A sticker that only partly peels off and is half stuck on forever
Some chewed gum
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Over Winter, I Am [Feb. 23rd, 2018|12:50 pm]
The Question Club

So far this year, I've gotten my car stuck on a snowbank at the end of a driveway, stuck in poorly plowed snow trying to turn onto my street, driven through freezing sleet where I had to pull over to break ice off the wipers, and had a wiper break in the middle of driving while it was snowing.

[March 5 update: to this list I would now like to add "accidental u-turn when trying to get into left-turn lane on largely unplowed road"]

Anyone else experiencing driving (or other travel method) woes this winter?
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(no subject) [Feb. 22nd, 2018|01:54 pm]
The Question Club


How do you handle anxiety?

I'm currently in training for a job. Although it isn't my dream job, it is a job that will put my foot in the door and get my closer to the job I actually want. Overall, it isn't a particularly hard job. However, socializing is a large aspect of it and I have pretty severe social anxiety.

I want to do well. I haven't had a job in over 10 years. I need this.... but the anxiety over going gets so overwhelming that its all I can think about for days before I even need to go in.

I actually have to start getting ready within the next hour to head in, and all I've been doing is sitting here on the verge of tears.

I've tried exercising. Taking a hot shower. Eating comfort food. Watching a show. 

No matter what I'm doing, its all overshadowed by the thought of this job and me failing my training. Only half the people who train actually pass. I've been told by trainers that I am doing well, but it doesn't feel like I am.

Any tips you can give me? 

Only thing I can think of that helps ease my anxiety is alcohol, but getting drunk before work isn't really an option. lol

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I am dead inside...what should I do all weekend? [Feb. 22nd, 2018|09:52 am]
The Question Club


I have a ton of personal stuff going on that I can't fix and I'm running out of energy to deal with even basic things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting to work on time, or keeping the fuel tank at least half full.

This weekend it looks like I'm totally on my own with no obligations. What should I do with my time? Activities, movies to watch, something?

I can't sleep, and failing to sleep just stresses me out, so don't suggest naps. Otherwise, srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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Mystery book! [Feb. 19th, 2018|07:51 pm]
The Question Club

This isn't a case for whatwasthatone or whatwasthatbook! If you have an eReader, have you ever ended up with a book on it that you can remember buying or downloading? If so, what book was it?

For me it is a biography of actor Alan Cummings' titled Not My Father's Son. I had no idea who he was until I gave his name a Google and have no idea how or when I bought it. It's a pretty gripping memoir though, fortunately.
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Last wish [Feb. 17th, 2018|06:14 pm]
The Question Club


Suppose you had about 6 months to live and you could complete one item on your bucket list before you began to fade.
What would your final bucket list item be?

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good news? [Feb. 16th, 2018|06:21 pm]
The Question Club

Has anything really good happened to you so far this year?
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Spring [Feb. 15th, 2018|11:48 pm]
The Question Club


What tells you it's spring?

Thought of when rescuing the first lizard of the season from my cats and guarding my food from the first fly. 😒

In Oklahoma, I would know it was spring when I saw the first robin.  And, I always enjoyed the blooming of the redbuds.  In Texas, I guess it would be the blue bonnets, but there really wasn't much to spring there that I recall.

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Lent [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:17 pm]
The Question Club

If you observe Lent, what are you doing?

What I’m doing....Collapse )
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Ab maintenence [Feb. 11th, 2018|06:06 pm]
The Question Club

[mood |awakeawake]

Anyone have some ideas for core workout routines that don't require sitting/laying on the floor or any special equipment?

I've been working on my fitness and strength, but my problem is I don't have access to a gym and I have children and a dog who feel that as soon as I sit or lay on the floor they MUST be ontop of me/in my face.

My arm and leg routine has been pretty doable, but trying to get in ab and core workouts have been difficult to say the least.

Of course if you can think of anything I can do with my obnxious, but adorable workout companions too that would be great.

Serious and not serious answers welcome.
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Could these mice plausibly have made it to safety? [Feb. 10th, 2018|03:08 pm]
The Question Club

[music |Radio 4 Shipping Forecast, 18 December 1993.]

(Previously posted to this comm's Dreamwidth counterpart, where it didn't get much response--although thank you for commenting, calzephyr.)

I'm asking because I tend to be inobservant of the environment and--specifically--have no experience maintaining swimming pools.

Mouse #1 disappears into the pool filter; I don't know what fate would've awaited it there, but I've heard jokes about "Grinding Nemo".

Mouse #2 makes it to the side of the pool, and a place on the tiling where it could rest, but is not shown escaping the pool. (I find the mouse's marathon swim through the rain-rippled aqua water to be a contemplative and immersive image, but I don't want to be savoring its futile death struggle--if the distinction is clear.)
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help, my curly hair dryer died [Feb. 9th, 2018|12:59 pm]
The Question Club

I bought a new hair dryer last month and it has already died. It wasn't perfect anyway but I was going to tough it out...and now I need another one.

I have wavy/curly hair (2a) and my dryer should have a diffuser and a very low airflow setting separate from the temperature setting, but I use the un-diffused nozzle to get my bangs a bit straighter so it should have that option too.

I want to spend less than $50 if possible. Is there a dryer for me? Do you have one that you love?
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2018|03:11 pm]
The Question Club

I need to sign up to bring something to a party. It's an adult party. Though not an ~adult~ party. One of the options is non-alcoholic beverage.
What should I bring? Fancy soda? Flavored bubbly water? Help.

Also, ever been to a murder mystery party? Tell me about your experiences! This party is at someone's house. We all have roles. We all participate. So it's not like we're going to a show. We ARE the show.
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