In one hand, or the other...

If you could only eat one of the following things for the rest of your life (any type of that ONE thing), plus other foods, which would it be? Keep in mind that in making your selection, for the rest of your life, you are prohibited from ever eating the other food again (because you'll burst into flames or something like that.) I chose tacos. She chose sushi.
*prompted by a late night discussion I had the other night with my partner*

!!!Choose carefully!!!

Choose carefully...


fitbit or applewatch

Which should I buy for my 12 year old niece? since she's basically a teenager, i am interested in longevity and coolness as well as overall quality. i am assuming that she and her soon to be teenaged friends are in a fitness fad, which i would like to support considering alternatives.
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Is this a mass gathering and am I therefore a covidiot

Okay, so. I live an apartment by myself and I work from home. My partner lives in a house by himself and he works from home. We are mostly apart during the week but together Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings, and sometimes we do an afternoon hike or yard work project at his place. I have been going for occasional haircuts. Each of us does curbside pickup for groceries, but I also go into the food co-op once every week for produce and drinking water (our water is GROSS, the co-op has a water filtering machine where I can refill my containers). I have seen one friend at a time for very distant walks about once a month since March (like 10-15 feet apart, masks on). Probably will stop that now. I canceled my gym membership and I now work out in my tiny living room.

Our county had relaxed all the rules and opened up bars, churches, schools, gyms, salons, all the shops and restaurants. These were all supposed to have limited capacity, but the mall parking lots, the bar parking lots, the restaurant parking lots are packed, stores are busy (I last went into a bigger grocery store a month ago and it was average busy for pre-pandemic times). Small in-person indoor gatherings and larger outdoor gatherings were permitted. Now we've had a big uptick in cases. This week, the county issued a stern warning that "mass gatherings" indoors are prohibited, and later clarified that "mass" means "any gathering of more than one person with anyone they don't live with." The bars, restaurants, gyms, salons, and stores are still open; only the schools have gone remote.

I plan to cancel my next haircut, as my hairstylist works all day long with the public and coworkers, and she has young kids at home who see other kids, and she's still getting chiropractic, massage etc. herself. Love her, but I can wait for a hairdo. Everything else about my life and his life is the same (work, remote shopping). I do not intend to keep away from my partner for an indefinite period of months. Am I therefore a covidiot?