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Learning another language [Jul. 26th, 2019|05:42 am]
The Question Club

I'm already (somewhat) bilingual, but my 7 year-old has had a consistent interest in learning Russian. I don't know if it is great or terrible that one of his favorite movies is The Hunt for Red October and two of his favorite songs are by The Red Army Choir.

Being in the middle of the desert Southwest of the USA Russian lessons for a 7 year-old aren't conveniently available so I ask you, dear Question Club:

What is the best language learning software, books, CDs, DVDs or combination thereof for a young child?

I am happy to add a third language along with him and I'm aware at this age he'll probably pick it up faster than I do, but I also hear that the second language is the hardest and it gets easier after that.

Also any other considerations when teaching/learning a language with a kid this young?

DK/DC: What language(s) do you speak?
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2019|03:49 pm]
The Question Club


Which best describes you?

Pissed off by people who tell me to stop bouncing my leg because its annoying.
STFU Brandon. WTF am I supposed to do? Stop tapping and explode?
Be glad YOU'RE not ADDHD
what was the question?

What do you do?

Start over
Keep going
Ignore repeated pleas to stop using SO MUCH hot sauce
Stop with the FOOD NETWORK shows.
Where was I?
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Inspired by a comment in the latest ONTD book post: [Jul. 20th, 2019|07:32 pm]
The Question Club

What do you do with books you don't want anymore? If you donate or sell them, where do you do so?

When is the last time you got rid of books?

putting my response in the post because I canCollapse )
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If you existed 50 years ago today, where were you and what were you doing? [Jul. 20th, 2019|05:49 pm]
The Question Club

If not, does your family have any anecdotes about the moon landing?
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Big purchases online [Jul. 17th, 2019|04:19 am]
The Question Club

Hi hello TQC.

My laptop is older than dirt (in electronics/technology terms). It’s from 2011. It seems to work just fine but the battery and power cord have gone to sh!t. I’ve gone online to purchase new batteries and power adapter cords. But they don’t seem to be the fix. The cord falls out all the time, and even the new battery never held a charge. As soon as the cord falls out, (like if I move wrong it does) the lap top entirely shuts down. Which is rather annoying if I am in the middle of working on something. So I’m contemplating just getting a new laptop all together. With that being said.....

Has anyone made a bigger electronics purchase such as a new lap top or new tv off of a site like Amazon or eBay? What did you get? What was the experience / customer service like? Was the product good/did it function properly?

Thanks for any feedback. :)

UPDATE: (in case any of you cared... lol)
I had been paroosing Best Buy online and decided after dinner to go into the actual store to check out what I was eyeballing online. To see if it would work for my needs. The sales gal ended up showing me this "Open Box" lap top option that ended up being really cool and just about in the price range I was looking for. So I went for it. I've been happy playing with my new 2-1 (with a touch screen! what?!?) lap top. Dang 2011 technology to 2019 technology. UPGRADE. haha
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2019|06:43 pm]
The Question Club

Do you have an interesting story behind your LiveJournal Username?
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Job Inquiry [Jul. 16th, 2019|11:54 am]
The Question Club

I interviewed for a job in May for the same company I work for now, different department. I didn't hear anything and assumed I didn't get it. In late June I received an email from the other department. Since the info is sensitive, I emailed the supervisor and let him know just in case there was some mix up. He replied he was being proactive by signing me up for the automated daily emails because I was the top candidate. He said the paperwork was with HR and that he would contact me as soon as the transfer paperwork was done.

I'm still receiving the daily emails and have heard from various managers in my current department that they think I'll be leaving for the new job soon so I guess they've talked or heard something. But I still haven't heard anything official myself. It's been 2 months since interviewing and almost a month since the manager said he'd contact me.

Should I contact the manager again? What should I say? Thanks in advance.
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What to do in Cleveland? [Jul. 16th, 2019|11:31 am]
The Question Club

Hey folks,

My dad and I are taking a road trip to Cleveland in two weeks. The purpose of the trip is to 1) See a baseball game 2) go to the Rock and Roll Hall 3) Go to Canton to the Football Hall of Fame. We have plans to do all those things.

We will basically have Tuesday Evening, all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and part of Friday before we go home, to do those things. My dad has some mobility issues and struggles with back pain and a few other maladies, so I purposely booked the trip for longer than is necessary to do those three things, as we might need lots of time to rest in between things.

However, I just entertained the possibility that we might find ourselves with lots of extra time. Any suggestions for things to do in Cleveland? We will have a car with us and walking short distances is okay. We're staying downtown near Progressive Field. My dad is a bit of a 60-year-old-white guy caricature - he likes sports, rock music, cars, western movies, beer (he experiments a bit but doesn't like hipstery-hoppy type beers) and, a bit against type, botanical gardens.

Any suggestions other than the three main things listed above?
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Memories [Jul. 14th, 2019|09:47 pm]
The Question Club

Tonight our son was telling us about a memory he had regarding his dad buying a truck. He would have only been about three years old at the time we bought the vehicle. My husband says that is way too young to have any kind of reliable memory about a situation and that it was probably something he remembered from what other people told him. I think my son could have remembered it because my earliest memory was from when I was about three years old. I remember my grandfather helping my grandmother (who was in a wheelchair after a stroke) put on her stockings.

What is your earliest memory? (If you are willing to share) Do you think it is an actual, reliable memory or is it possibly something you only created from what others may have told you?
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Phone sounds [Jul. 13th, 2019|09:51 am]
The Question Club


If you're in a public place (waiting room, bus, theater etc) and your phone starts making unwanted sounds (from an ad, video, gif etc)
what is your reaction??

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Thoughts on the whole "Have faith. It'll come when it's meant to be?" [Jul. 12th, 2019|08:49 pm]
The Question Club
I've always been told this saying through my life and you know, when it gets reinforced enough you believe it. It's become my source of acceptance, my way of moving forward when my life is awry. I don't follow it blindly. I've worked hard to get where I am. I have many bigger hopes for my life but I look back and it seems like something always comes out of something unexpected at a time I'd never imagine it happening. So even when I doubt it and lose my faith, in hindsight my belief in it gets reinforced.

How about you? Do you believe in this? Has there been events in your life where you think this has happened?
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Does a genderswapped cover of Edwyn Collins' "A Girl Like You" exist? [Jul. 8th, 2019|07:04 pm]
The Question Club

[music |Implicit in the topic.]

(Crossposted to whatwasthatsong.)

Also popularly known as "Never Met a Girl Like You Before", famously used in Lucifer and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and often misattributed to Iggy Pop or David Bowie:


Does any cover exist that phrases it as "A Guy Like You"? Ideally sung by a man and with a driving rock beat and psychedelic guitar similar to the original? (I know--I'm probably asking for toasted snow.)

(Vanessa Brown's "Crazy Amazing" contains the phrase, but is a completely unrelated song with a cute bubblegum flavor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf4ZIVQ7cpE)

(Edited to correct the YouTube link, which led to something unrelated but relevant to the second Weirdness post.)
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We are not weird here. [Jul. 4th, 2019|11:27 pm]
The Question Club

I have been away, so sorry; fell into a burning ring of fire and went down down down with the flames rising higher.

Returned to see someone calling us weird. I am offended and triggered, and generally deeply upset that such a comment would come from the land of Facebook.

So I'm going to ask a nice, normal question, to prove we are not weird.

Here goes:

If you fell off the edge of the world into space, would you eventually slow down, or keep going at the same speed, or just fall faster and faster until you burst into flame?

DK/DC -- Will the angels help?

DK/DC -- Villanelle?

DK/DC -- Best song by the Chromatics?

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Family time [Jul. 3rd, 2019|12:59 pm]
The Question Club

A question for those of you with adult children who have children of their own: how much time/how many days do you spend with them in a month? If they are the children/grandchildren of your spouse but not yours, how much time do you spend with them in a month? Does your spouse spend time with them without you being present?
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why [Jul. 1st, 2019|04:49 pm]
The Question Club


is there some sort of reason y'all are still posting here instead of the Facebook group with all the cool OG TQCers?

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July Celebrations [Jul. 1st, 2019|09:33 am]
The Question Club

[mood |curiouscurious]

If you're Canadian, how are you celebrating Canada Day?

If you're American, how are you celebrating the Fourth of July?

If you're not Canadian or American, are you celebrating anything in July?
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Tattoo questions [Jun. 28th, 2019|12:10 am]
The Question Club


I think tattoos are awesome, but I don't have any (yet). I've thought about it off and on for years but have never done anything about it. I have a MAJOR birthday (70!) Coming up in 2020, and it occurred to me that getting that long awaited ink could be a really cool way to commemorate it. I hve a couple of questions, though:

1. How much does it really hurt?
2. How much is it going to cost?

I'm not talking about anything huge, maybe about 2" x 3". The location I have in mind is my upper arm. (I want it to be where I can look at it myself, whenever I want.) I haven't chosen a particular image yet, but I want it to be something that will be eaningful to me as opposed to purely decorative (which leaves room for lots of possibilities), and I want it to be colorful.

I don't want to be like Phoebe in Friends and chicken out at the last minute, which is why I'm asking about the pain factor. I handle pain pretty well on the whole, especially if I have a reasonable idea of what to expect. The more info I have, the better!

I know the answer to the second question in particular may be impossible for anyone to answer, but even the vaguest ballpark guesstimate would be helpful.

Tia for any and all (positive) input.

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Suggestions for a blog name & gardening tips [Jun. 24th, 2019|12:33 am]
The Question Club

Hi, all!
My husband and I recently got into gardening herbs and food. This is our first newlywed home project so maybe that explains the hype we have about it, please forgive us. I used to be -and still am!- content with the local farmers markets but we want to try our hand at this. Right now we're doing container planting on our patio because we rent and it's the basics 101; cucumbers, bush tomatoes, a variety of hot/bell peppers and beets to pickle, and herbs. Our yard is not the best when it comes to drainage..any heavy rain gives us a koi pond without fish in the back end and we know we're not ready for that headache. Our landlord gave us the go ahead for ground planting next year, tips on where she used to have veggie garden that didn't drown and where it absolutely won't work. So next year we're planning raised beds/containers and underground plants where she had had success. We also want to build a small DIY greenhouse just to see what happens..?
I'd like to create a blog that hopefully would gain traction with other newbie gardeners or those with difficult land, but mostly for him and I to look back on and have documentation of (and laughs about) our failures, struggles with bugs,and successes/harvest.
I'm struggling with a cute name, though. I mean, I guess it doesn't have to be "cute" since in the end it's just for us but THIS IS THE INSTAGRAM AGE, no?
Any help, tips on planting, garden planning, blog name suggestions, anything is welcomed.
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Buh BYE [Jun. 20th, 2019|10:20 am]
The Question Club


For internet on line daters (or anyone really).
If you've been on a date or two with someone and you decide you dont want to see them again what do YOU do?
1. Tell them the painful truth? (You dress 1970s/You're bald/all your Star Wars figures creep me out/your profile is untrue)
2. Give them a polite  pretext? ( you live too far away/ our schedules arent compatible / I only date Capricorns)
3. Two dates??? Pfft I GHOST em. Loser.
4.  Text breakup

What are some IRL reasons you gave?
At what point do you owe them a face to face breakup?

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Air Canada [Jun. 20th, 2019|09:17 pm]
The Question Club

Has anyone here ever flown long haul with Air Canada?

Care to share your experience/opinion/review?
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