values in conflict

When do you think it is acceptable to preserve land at the expense of someone who wants to use it now? That doesn't sound quite right for what I am trying to get at. Maybe, when are concerns for the past and/or future more important than concerns for the present?

I think of this often when I see a cemetery. If everyone has a stone, soon there will be nowhere left for the living to be. It's also of concern for ecological reasons, but what prompted my question was an article about death threats and vandalism being performed by "squatters" who claim the land as their own that is occupied by 5,000 year old ruins, "the oldest city in the Americas".
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Who wants to talk about soup?

Why? Three reasons: January is U.S. National Soup Month, chill gray rain has been falling where I live, and I like soup, okay?

So. What’s a soup you’ve made? What’s your favorite soup? What’s a soup you grew up with? Is there a soup on your gastronomic bucket list? Recipes are not only welcome but encouraged!
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Did you see it?

Did you get to see Jupiter and Saturn copulate? Or cohabit? Im not sure which is accurate.

i didn't. Clouds and stuff. Maybe a building was in the way. Or i didn't know where to look


What is your most recent close call (interpret as you wish)?

There was someone in my house when I came home. I was seeing that things were wrong as soon as I got to the front door, but what sent me back out the door to have the neighbors call the police was seeing the shadow inside my closed shower doors.
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The lightbulb moment

On my local public radio station today, a host and guests were talking about the moment they realized covid was a huge problem and was going to really disrupt everyone's life...when it stopped being just a news story. One person said it was when March Madness got canceled, someone else said when the NBA started canceling games - in both cases "the league was willing to leave all that money on the table, so things must be serious."

A scientist friend had warned a bunch of us in early January, but at that point I wasn't sure it would be bigger than SARS...but when news accounts out of Asia made it clear how virulent it was and how fast it was spreading, that was my moment. I started mentally preparing for a long slog.

What was your moment?