How can I get the UPS driver to carry something heavy right to my apartment?

Update: I managed to reach UPS corporate via their website/form but they didn't email me until the day before delivery. They said to contact them the morning of and they would call the local to pass a message to the driver. I did this, and the driver arrived midafternoon, buzzed my apartment and carried the 82-lb carton upstairs, said it was easier than trying to use a dolly on the stairs. Wow, what a beast. I tipped him $20 and he seemed really surprised and said "You don't have to do that," and I said, "It's really hot today, you worked hard, go get a beer!"

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My mum had a stroke. A "mild" one, but still a stroke.

She is still walking and talking fine, but is having issues concentrating. I live with her. My sister actually went into the room and watched all the testing.

Is there anything I should do to help her out? I already figured that I'd handle the household chores. My job picks up the slack financially.

I'm at a loss about what to do next.
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Consider me confused....

Hey TQC-ers,

Long time no ask. Hope you all are well. I am baffled by something and was wondering if any of you could shed any light on this situation. I have been flirting with the idea of buying a new TV for awhile. I think I figured out the one I want. (Not sold pulling the trigger yet, but if I do go for it, this is the one I want.) But I was looking at the Samsung QLED 55" (Smart, 4k, all those other titles). I was measuring the space I want it to be to see if it would fit. The confusing part is this.... looking at different websites, the size dimensions are different. For the same exact product. How?

Online Best Buy has it at 30.9 inches tall with stand. Then if you look at Target's website.... it says that its 35.7 inches with stand. 5ish inches.... that's kinda a big difference. The product width is 57.1 inches on Target, and Best Buy says it's 48.4 inches. Almost 10 inches difference here! Like what?!?

I am so confused. It's the SAME product.
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Name that tune? I have very little to go on, so apologies in advance, but my daughter and I are trying to remember the name of a song. It was played on the radio in the past year. The original version was explicit, so there was a radio cut. I'm pretty sure it was a guy singing about a girl. I believe she was in the club? And maybe he loved her? And I think her name started with an R. Thanks!

Can't transfer photos to PC

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5, I tried using a card reader to upload my photos from my sim card to my PC, windows photo app went as far as finding a certain number of photos before stopping working.

Today I connected my phone to my PC, however windows photo app couldn’t find any photos and then suddenly shut down.

What could the problem be?