To note or not to note

To those who read translated entertainment of any kind (I'm specifically wondering about manga and light novels from Japan, but it doesn't have to be about those), do you like for the translator to include translation notes, or do you think they detract too much from the reading experience?
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It must be awiens

Saw this in a friend's LJ recently:
My opinion is my own and I can own it...I feel like if this hadn't been an election year, we'd be living our lives like normal. My prediction is Nov. 4 the pandemic mysteriously disappears.

What is YOUR favorite 2020 conspiracy theory so far?
whereever it may leads


Today is an old friend's death´s 10 years anniversary, and I feel bad because except for his mom, nobody else seems to care, I remember him, and I remember my other friend that passed away in 2011, and everybody even his wife moved on.
I can't do that, one was a very traumatic event for me, the other was that one friend not everybody finds, a soulmate to me in a platonic way that even his wife understood.
am I weird? is it okay to remember them? I know... when its parents, close relatives is sorta normal. right?
how long do you mourn your loved ones?
is this the weirdest, creepiest most innapropriate question here in a while?