piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

landscape/garden plant similar to stinging nettles?

I was just outside pulling some weeds and spreading mulch in the backyard, in a heaped-up area around small trees. We moved into this house last fall and I really have no clue what plants are in the garden beyond obvious shrubs - some flowering things that seem to be there on purpose, some weeds. I'm no horticulturist, for sure. While I was working around the base of a clump of plants, my skin started stinging. These plants don't look exactly like stinging nettles (which I had the misfortune of falling into as a kid, ouch) but they do have little hairs on the leaves. I finished up, came into the house to wash up, and noticed I actually have a few little welts. Washed with baking soda and it still hurts a little but it's not unbearable.

Is there a typical garden or yard plant that has similar properties to stinging nettle? If this thing is a weed, I'm going to Roundup its ass and yank it out (with gloves) when it's dead. If it's a "good" plant I'll just be super careful in the future.

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