elikaa (elikaa) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I'm sick of my brother giving me attitude all the time.

I've always been very close with my brother. We had a bit of a falling out last year in September, it was resolved in December, and for about a month or two everything was back to how it used to be. Around March though, I'd come home and ask him how he was, and I'd get very cold responses. Each month he'd talk to me less and less, and now he doesn't even say hello to me when I say hi to him. If I don't say hi, he doesn't acknowledge me. I've asked him 1000 times if he was still angry with me, or if there was anything wrong, and he's just said nothing is wrong.

I went downstairs to say hi to him just now because I'm home for the weekend from uni, and I didn't get a hello back. I walked out of his room and it pissed me off that I don't even know why he's being like this, so I went back to his room and asked him if I have upset him again. He just said he's busy doing work, and then stared at me until I left. He didn't say if I had upset him or not.

What the hell do I do here TQC? Do I just ignore him? It's making me want to cry because I don't know why he's being like this and he refuses to talk to me about it.
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