Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cultural question.

I've been reading about my Aboriginal roots, getting more involved in my culture and I realize that no matter how silly or "new age" or redundant people think using my Anishinabe name is, it's important to acknowlege it. It's not some hippy thing, it's my culture.

I've been challenged to go by my Spirit name by my friends and Elders until it feels normal. This is because soon my son will have his own Spirit name and I'm going to use it at home, and I plan on enrolling him in an Aboriginal school where the kids usually go by their Spirit names as it is our culture. Honestly, it feels weird and the people I already know can't seem to switch over from my European name. Some even get second hand embarrassment when I use my Spirit name.

Should I use the Ojibwe language or the English translation when I introduce myself and my son when he gets his name? 
Zwashko Ahnungo or Blue Star.

Is this weird? Sometimes it feels like more trouble than it's worth...but I still feel that I shouldn't be embarrassed about using it if I want to.
What things in your culture do you partake in, if anything? 
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