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I need some advice...

I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands. There are two girls that I am talking to, and I have come to a cross roads with both of them. Girl #1, is really nice and is chasing after me hardcore. we have a lot in common, but the one drawback is that she is still in high school(she's 18 though). Then there is girl #2, who I have been talking to for a little while now, and she is really cool, and have everything I want. Shes a teacher and is 22 (I am 20). I know that if i go with girl #1 it is a sure thing and that things could be good between us. If I go with girl #2 it is not a sure thing that anything more than friendship will happen, but she has everything I want.

So What do I do? Go for something that could be good and that is a sure thing, but end up hurting her because she cant offer what I am looking for? Or go for something great, that might not even work out, and end up getting hurt myself?

Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks alot.

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