akasakasan (akasakasan) wrote in thequestionclub,

My father's been trying online dating and a few months ago he met a woman who lives a few states over. He invited her to visit him and following a successful visit they arranged for her to fly down a second time, a few weeks later. A few days before they were meant to meet again she told him that her father's birthday is coming up and she needs to send him a gift soon. She told him her internet wasn't working but if he could send her some money she'd pay him back when she met him. He sent her $2000 but when they met they kept arguing and eventually he booked her an earlier flight home.

When he called her back and asked her for the money she started threatening him. Someone she knows sent him an email soon after she left, showing snippets from her 'Facebook' which contradicted a lot of what she had told him. When he confronted her she told him that she would send a message to the medical board (he's a doctor) and tell them that he had accessed her information without her permission (which is ridiculous) but that he had also given her pills intended to drug her (he had given her ibuprofen for a headache).

What can he do? I'm not sure if the police would care or even listen to him- his English is not that good when he's flustered. What about the accusations? The money's insignificant compared to what accusations like that could do to his career.
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