cold as ice cream but still as sweet (rebel_waltz) wrote in thequestionclub,
cold as ice cream but still as sweet

oh, TQC, i am not the most socially apt person, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. the guy i like had an accident yesterday or today and hurt his legs(not broken, it's like a chemical burn or something). i wanna be like, "Are you OK?" or "Do you need anything?" or "Do you want cheering up?" but i don't want to come off as weird or clingy or like i'm stalking his facebook(he didn't tell me about, he posted about it in a status and went MIA).

would texting him asking how he's doing be odd/seem weird/clingy/etc?
what should i say?
is there anything i can offer to do? i wanna be like, let me know if you need anything! but i mean, what is he going to need? i don't think he'd need me to come over and fix his mac and cheese. it seems silly to ask something i feel like i already know the answer to but i also want him to know that i ~~care.
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