Adrian (iliveinacubicle) wrote in thequestionclub,

CAT :(

im friends with this girl who got a cat about a year ago when it was a kitten, i havnt been to her house since but i went back there a couple times this week. she doesnt live there anymore but her cat is still there with the other roomate. the other roomate wants to get rid of that cat, the cat is literally starving, and being abused. its not fixed and they havnt got it shots. i asked the girl who is the owner of the cat if she would be willing to sell him and she said no. i said i would be willing to pay $350 for him and im willing to go higher, but right now she will not give him too me. im thinking about calling animal control.
what should i do?

*edit* i want to just steal the cat but im on probation for larceny so i would go to jail.
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