Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Im a freshman in College, well almost soph. but Im planning on taking Summer Semesters and Maymester (3 weeks of May)

I dont have much of a choice for the two summer semesters, they're my math classes and I dont think I could juggle math in the middle of a normal semester so Im filling my summer up with 9 credits of math. YES!

But, the only class I want to/could take for maymester is an english (3 credit) class. It's a prereq I want done, but I know the normal semester classes write ALOT. Also if I take this I would have to miss one day of class (a friend is getting married, Im the maid of honor..) And I hear horror stories of falling behind in a 3 week course.

For those of you who have taken summer courses how did you find them? I know it varies from institutes and also profs. but general experience? Was the workload different from normal semester, how many hours did you spend on work outside of class, did you like it more? etc..

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