saya_cintamu (saya_cintamu) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is something about your SO that annoys you? My SO is very anti ~pop culture~, which is fine, but he can easily go on endless rants about celebrities and their worthlessness and the glorification of pop stars who aren't real musicians etc etc. It's quite tiresome after a while. I personally don't care much about celebrities, but I don't have such strong opinions about things like that since it doesn't effect my life.

How do you feel about pop culture? What about sports players? Whenever the Yankees lose a game my dad always makes snide comments about those "poor millionaires." I get that their salaries are ridiculous, but stfu Dad I'm trying to grieve.

My dad and SO should totally hang out all the time, y/y?

DK/DC/single: Out of the cities you've visited, which is your favorite and why?

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