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where to, miss? lj user="tothestars"

Name That Movie!

Alright. About eleven years ago, when I was 9, I went on a vacation to Nova Scotia. While staying at my aunt's house, I saw a movie on TV that was probably a made-for-tv movie, or just a really unknown film. I don't even particularly want to see it again, I just remember it every once in a while and have to really rack my brain and make sure I didn't just dream it.

What I remember is the protagonist was a young woman with long brown hair. The antagonist was a man who always makes me think of "Carl" from the movie Ghost. The beef of the story was that the antagonist kidnapped the woman (I don't remember what for), and kept her in this specially designed room with padded walls and sound insulating. It was pretty eerie, there was even a scene where he cut her hair off, I seem to remember. At one point, the girl found a vent/fan leading out of the room, stopped it with a stick, and dropped a note out, asking anyone for help. Of course, the antagonist found the note. I don't really remember what happened after this, or what happened at the end. This movie has just haunted my brain for eleven years. What the crap is its name?
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