BeeKay (ninerfan_11) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hello, all...

You guys were so helpful in my last post on this topic that I wanted to pose the same question again about different colleges & universities. As I noted in my previous post, I'm in the midst of a job search primarily in the midwest/northeastern U.S., and I'm applying for jobs at colleges in either the student activities or residence life departments.

Anyhow, I've applied at these institutions, and was wondering what knowledge any of you might have about the following colleges:

1. Gettysburg College (PA)
2. Bryant University (RI)
3. Youngstown State Univ. (OH)
4. Defiance College (OH)
5. Keene State (NH)
6. Robert Morris (PA)
7. Monroe Community College (NY)
8. SUNY Binghamton (NY)
9. Univ. of New Hampshire (NH)
10. SUNY Oneonta (NY)
11. College of William & Mary (VA)

Thanks again... and, yes, I've done my own research already... but I like to hear what you all know and have to say!

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