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Howdy, neighbour! Mind removing your elbow from my coffee mug?

We're house (well, small ranch) shopping in northern Nevada this week, and have discovered what seems to us to be one of the oddest things. There's huge amounts of land between Silver Springs and Carson City. Huge, vast... tracts of land. So why is it that development consists of like 50 houses right on top of one another - like a 50 house development on 10 acres total, just your average cookie-cutter suburb - followed by five miles of completely empty space, followed by another 50 houses on top of one another? These are houses that are selling for basically the same price as very similar houses (3-4 bedroom, 2-3 bath, site-built homes) on 1-10 acre lots. Do people actually value having neighbors a few feet away, so much so that they're paying a hefty premium for it in the form of giving up land? This isn't exactly high-maintenance land -- it won't get overgrown if you don't lay a finger on it, it'll just keep sprouting tumbleweeds, which are sort of self-maintaining. Is there some other dynamic that is just completely failing to register in our brains?

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