chocolate_ari (chocolate_ari) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dr. TQC.

Why was I so ridiculously fatigued yesterday and today?

Yesterday was so bad. I got to work and I seriously felt...idk, weighed down and slow. Drained. I just wanted to sleep. I felt like crap. I ate a small breakfast (grapes and a cup of tea) but I managed to snack every couple hours (a peach, an apple, leftover pizza slice for lunch). So it couldn't have been food-related, I don't think. And I don't think it's a lack of sleep cause I only had a 5-hour shift yesterday that started at noon. And my job is office-y so it's not like I was running around all day. After work I walked home feeling like a zombie, I swear I was close to fainting.

And today I feel the same, except I have a day off and managed to sleep till noon. Wtf?

Could it be the weather? We went from being 85-90 degrees and sunny to 50-60 and rainy. I hate grey weather like this but I never feel *this* drained from it.
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