saya_cintamu (saya_cintamu) wrote in thequestionclub,

What was the last thing you stressed out about?

I thought I graduated in May from college, but wasn't able to walk during the ceremony due to a mandatory class trip. Anyway, my name was apparently in the pamphlet as a graduate, I received graduation tickets, didn't receive notice of my graduation application being denied, etc. yet everyone received their diplomas in the mail 8-10 days ago, and I still haven't. I checked my evaluation transcript online and I have 131 credits (you only need 128 to graduate), but some sections under my minor and in my cognate classes still say "no" next to "fulfilled requirement." The campus is closed Friday, so I'll be stressing out about this till Monday. D: D: D:

Also, have you ever seen an animal in your town/city/area that you've never seen there before? I was waiting for the light rail to go to Hoboken, and I saw a deer on the other side of the tracks between some trees. I know there's deer all over NJ, but I've never seen one in my area considering we don't have any wooded areas, or even trees for that matter. Wtf?
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