Kate (low_billions) wrote in thequestionclub,


I have a few big, major questions that are pretty important. Please help.

1) I'm going to a CC in another part of the state [Poughkeepsie, NY] , but I'm having trouble finding a cheap apartment [or almost any actually.] Any suggestions? If I can definately not find a traditional apartment/room, what should I do? Not going is not an option.

2) I am on Roommates.com, and they actually have rooms sort of in my price range, but I cannot access any of my mail or mail anyone. Is there anyway to do this without having to buy a membership?

3) And, finally, I am going to a fairly cheap CC college next year, but due to my work load [2 majors] and a sport, I cannot carry a job at the same time, at least not until the spring semester. My parents refuse to give me a dime towards college, and I have no money saved up. I'm submitting my FASFA but because I didn't submit it in January, I might not get a very large amount. So, my last option then is loans. Is it possible to take out about $7,500 a year from a private lender? What if you are under 17 and don't have a parent cosign?

Thanks so much.

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