high as a kite (liquorlyles) wrote in thequestionclub,
high as a kite

I'm very excited, I finally convinced my parents into letting me get a bunny! There is a local pet store up the street that ALWAYS has bunnies and I went up today and picked out the cutest most perfect dwarf bunny. Its very small even for a dwarf bunny they said, but they assume it'll grow a little bit more. It's black with some brown coloring in it...I'm not sure if its a male or female yet. It was SUCH a sweet bunny, I held him for about 20 minutes and it never moved, it just snuggled up in my hands and let me pet it.

I'd love ANY tips on owning a bunny. Anything I should know before I buy one? I know I need a cage, which I've found one thats wire...(is wire not good for bunnys) and we plan on keeping the bunny in our garage to avoid rain and bad wheather (I live in Seattle, WA)

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