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I am lucky enough to find myself in a position where I can have a week of doing nothing but what I want to do (well.. on a budget/within reason but I don't want to do much past my front door anyway). I'm feeling pretty low and unmotivated so this is what I want to do. I am a slob, etc.

However, I also have the option to get off my ass and do things that might make me feel better. My friend wants to help me get fit and we were meant to start training tomorrow. I was going to go shopping today and buy some healthy food. I was going to ask a friend to come stay for the weekend.

I can put off the getting fit thing until next week, my friend can come some other time, but I can't put off the week to myself to do what I want and live in my pyjamas.

Why do I feel so guilty TQC?

Any advice you could give me?

Do you ever get a run of days when you just want to sit around and do nothing?

How long does this feeling last?

Is it possible to do it guilt-free?

DK/DC : What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
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