Rolled and curled your tinted hair (stakingaclaim) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rolled and curled your tinted hair

I never watched a lot of The Cosby Show when it aired because we didn't get very good tv reception when I was a kid. I am watching them on Netflix now and just saw the dumbest punishment ever meted out by a parent for youthful transgressions. Theo went to a track meet and came home late. Then he lied about why he was late. Clair put him on trial until he confessed that he made fun of a girl because of her weight and made her cry while at a post-meet celebration at a burger joint. After confessing that he had done this and had been kicked off the team (which he'd only joined so Cliff would buy him a car), they all went out for ice cream. Is that the sort of punishment you were accustomed to?
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