Aurora (sin_and_repent) wrote in thequestionclub,

Job Woes!

There is a job posting on the website for the company I work for in a position I have always wanted. The person in charge of hiring for the position knows of my continued interest in entering that department as we have talked before in the past several times. So I definitely want to throw my name in for consideration as well.

The problem is that with my current position in the department I work in now, we are undergoing some major changes that will affect half of the company in a couple of weeks with the new year starting for us. My supervisor has been crazy busy working with her boss to get things finalized and I have been crazy busy trying to do more with less time with my job. The timing SUCKS, and I really don't want to stiff her by potentially switching departments if I were to be hired for this position I want, but heck, I really want it.

I need to submit paperwork to her for consideration before passing it to the person in charge of hiring, but I am concerned she might say something negative. What would you do?
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