dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Do you love matchmaking? Why? Are you pushy about it?

For the single TQC's -  do your coupled up friends constantly try and set you up with people? Why won't they just leave us the fuck alone? 

My  best friends constantly try and set me up with people when they are in a couple which would be fine but I don't fricking want to be set up with anyone. I have told this to them time and time again to the point where I really get pissed off. But they are so bloody persistent to be point where I have actually felt quite pressured in the past. I know they are trying to be nice but its purely for their benefit because they set me up with horrible people who are totally unsuited for me. They are both serial monogamists. I think they have only been single for about a month in the last 5 years between them. I actually think they don't believe that I am perfectly happy being single or that anyone can be happy and single for that matter. 

TQC share your horrible matchmaking stories with me so I can get them off my back :(
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