Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Jamaica Vacation Questions!

Hey guys,

I have a whole bunch of Jamaica-specific vacation questions, so skip if you've never been to Jamaica or have no interest in reading travel advice requests. :)

My boyfriend and I taking our first vacation together to Jamaica for 7 days next week (June 12th-June 18th) and staying at an all-inclusive (the Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica) in Runaway Bay.

Any tips on what to/not to pack, and activities we should/shouldn't do?

We have a master wish list of adventures including seadooing, parasailing, surfing, ATVing, renting a motor boat, horseback riding, the Bob Marley museum, the Appleton Estates rum tour, going to Black River and Y's Falls, going to Negril (for Rick's Cafe and cliff diving), and going on the Ocho Rios shopping tour. We obviously won't have time for all of that though, haha. Any advice on what to keep and what to cut from the list?

Also, right now the weather reports are showing chances of thundershowers for the first three days of our trip at least, so we may need to come up with some backup activities for the rainy days. Any ideas?

We're also from Vancouver, so we'd like to find a pub/restaurant/etc. to watch the playoff games with other hockey fans on Monday and Wednesday night (if the Canucks haven't already beaten Boston by then) - any tips on where to go? I checked, but they don't have any entries for Jamaica.

Last thing: We were really keen on renting a car for the week so we could cruise around and explore the island (he did this when he vacationed in Hawaii and had a blast), but our travel agent recommended against driving ourselves in Jamaica and told us to take cabs when we needed to instead. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Would renting bicycles to take rides around the city be any better?

Thanks so much!!
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