knittas (knittas) wrote in thequestionclub,

a friend of mine back home is in bad shape. He's threatening to end his life. His dad did the same a little more than a year ago, and my friend feels he is destined to do the same. This friend is a drug addict and has been so functionally for many years. I love my friend dearly, and have ALWAYS been there for him, this is the first time he's made such threats since I moved. He's going on about people's right to die and other troubling things. I've called his mother and all of his friends in town, but what else can I do? Last time this happened his mother was not helpful in our attempts to have him hospitalized.

What can I do TQC? I really feel helpless and selfish at this point, because if he really is so miserable, why should i prolong that?
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