katyblue (katyblue) wrote in thequestionclub,

OK heres the deal, I have a Canon A75. Not an expensive camera by any means. I think it cost me about $175.00 about a year and a half ago.

The thing is, I travel soo much and half my pictures are ruined because I am a dumbass and I do not know how to take great, sharp low light pictures without flash. If I want to turn the flash off on my camera in a low light setting, the shutter speed slows way down and most of my pictures come out unfocused. Also the darn thing is bulky and heavy.

I want a cheapish (200 dollar zone) digital camera that takes great low light pictures, and is small enough to slip inside a coat pocket or purse. A camera that is smarter than me when it comes to taking pictures. I prefer a Canon or Nikon.... It should be at least 3.2 MP with at least 3x optical zoom. If its a Li-Ion battery it should be able to recharge anywhere in the world. I know I'm asking a lot for my price range. What do you guys recommend? DO you have a nice camera that you want to pimp? I don't want to spend too much, so flaunting your $1,000 camera will do me no good. Just make me jealous. LOL.

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