Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

tqc, I seem to always go to you with hair questions because clearly you're all a bunch of hair experts.

But I have been dying my hair with those $10 hair kits - L'oreal to be specific. I started in November, dying my hair progressively blonder 3 times (I think). Then I decided I wanted to be brown - a medium to dark brown. I dyed it brown twice - but the brown never stayed as well as the blond, and it got pretty much all washed out after a few weeks, no matter how gentle I was with shampooing (but my hair gets really oily so this can be hard to do). Now my hair looks strawberry blonde - a weird shade that's not light or dark.

Well I am DETERMINED for it to be brown. So I was wondering - does brown dye not stay as well? Or do I have to start with a lighter shade of brown first (like 'light brown'? (I was using 'medium brown') . Or should I try a different brand that works better?

And what about henna? Specifically Lush's henna? I've heard really good things about it but I've also heard if your hair is chemically treated it can turn green. And does it stay longer than the chemical dyes or no? Would it be able to turn strawberry blonde hair a rich brown?

Ideally I don't want to go to a salon because it's so pricey, but if that will make the color last I'd do it - but as far as I can tell salon dye doesn't last longer, right? Ugh why is this so confusing.
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