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1. I have to unplug my fridge when I leave the dorm for spring break. Is there anything special I need to do besides just take everything out? Set on this one, thanks.

2. How do you like to dress for a longish plane flight? Like do you dress up or wear pj's or have a lucky charm or not think twice about it at all?

3. I'm off to Madrid and Seville for a week. If any of you have been, any tips? Anything at all that comes to mind. For one thing, I'm kind of curious how much English I should expect people (like waiters) to know...

BTW, nobody won my Oscars prediction poll! Better luck next year guys...


I tend to always wear my comfy sneakers, a somewhat loose pair of jeans, a tshirt, and my favorite black hoodie. I know jewelry doesn't really set off the security alarms but I usually just wear my watch and my ring so I don't have to worry about it. For my flight tomorrow I'm packing a pair of sweats I might change into before I pop my magic sleeping pill and out of again when I reach the airport...

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