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Pet questions.

1. Do you actually call your pets by their names? What pets do you have, what are their names, and what are their nicknames?

2. Are those canned crickets you can buy at the pet stores really safe? I bought a little can of crickets for the hedgehog today, and he liked them fine, but that pet store is still selling a dog treat that studies have shown to be unsafe, so I'm not entirely sure about the crickets.

3. Are canned river shrimp (from the reptile section of the same store) ok to feed to hermit crabs?

4. Is there a simple and non-stressful way to convince a hermit crab to change shells? I just got a pathetic little thing with a missing leg, and not only is her shell painted it's possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

1. I was complaining today that I couldn't name the new hermit crab Helena because my betta is already named Elena - until my mother pointed out that I'm going to be calling them 'Dudette' and 'Fish' anyway. XD
Hector, Helga and Helena the hermit crabs: Only use their names if I really need to differentiate. Little dude, dudette and dudette respectively, 'The little dudes' collectively.
Elena the betta: Almost never use her name. Fish, or stupid. (She refuses to eat the good healthy food or bloodworms, insisting upon being fed the cheap crap brand of fish food.)
The catfish: Never had a name. First there were several identical ones, so I couldn't tell them apart to name them. Now there's only one, so why name it? Always 'The catfish'.
Lord Edmund Sticklington: The hedgehog. Name immediately shortened to 'Ed'. Never even call him Ed, always Hedgie, Spiky-butt, or Dude.
Beauty and Dyna, the dogs: They actually get their names used the most out of all the pets. Beauty is Boo-Boo, Stinky, or Lumpy. Dyna is Dyna-butt or Fatso. (I don't intend to be mean with their nicknames - they don't care what I call them as long as I'm not yelling.)
Miss Catty and Roy, the cats: Use their names to differentiate, mostly, otherwise they're both just 'Cat'. Both of them also don't answer to 'Dammit cat!' and 'Move it'

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