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Possibly annoying Teal Deer (sorry).

Yeah, so this is definitely kind of tl;dr, but I feel like I should give a little bit of back story before the actual question.

I was supposed to go to a birthday dinner for a friend of mine on Saturday night (I'll refer to her as friend A), but I have a huge project that is due next Tuesday in my summer class and I am having a really hard time with it, so I am going to spend all weekend working on it to make sure it not only gets done, but gets done well. I feel bad bailing on her birthday dinner, but grad school has to come first right now. I explained all this to her and she seemed fine with it. I was also supposed to drive another friend there (I'll call her friend B) and I let her know that I couldn't go and explained why (we had talked a few days ago about the possibility I might not be able to go for this reason, so this isn't out of nowhere). I told her that I was really sorry, but she would have to find another way to get there (she doesn't drive) and she understood and was really awesome about it as well. Well, a little while ago I got a FB message from friend A (which I will put under a lj cut after the question). I am really annoyed with her and don't know how to respond to it or if I even should. TQC, if you were in my position would you bother responding to this? If so, what would you say? Am I wrong to think that what she says about friend B is unreasonable?

"Just as an FYI- if friend B can't get a ride on Saturday night basically she won't come and I'll be flat out pissed at her.
But, I just wanted to maybe see if you can venture out from your work on Saturday to head out & see your'll take your mind off the paper. Just think about it. I'm still putting you down as tentative, so a spot will be open for you."

It isn't friend B's fault if she isn't able to find someone else to drive her there. It's my fault that she doesn't have a ride anymore, so friend A should be mad at me (though she probably is and just isn't saying anything) not friend B. (I hope all this friend A and friend B stuff isn't too confusing)

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