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Our dog search has spanned everywhere from South Carolina to Massachusetts, thanks to Petfinder. Our St. Bernard (pictured in the icon) had to be euthanized recently due to mauling a stranger. 

We are in love with TWO dogs -- both had previously had 2 applications on them. The first one, Zeuss-AKA-Louie, who lives 2+ hours away in a rural rescue, did not respond to us for a WEEK. We were broken hearted.
Then, today, we put an application on another dog -- his name is Alonso. 

As soon as we put an application on Alonso -- literally, we were at the Petco interviewing -- the people for Zeuss called that they wanted us to have the dog.
Things to keep in mind:
-We have extreme history in adopting special needs dogs. We don't want another special needs dog.
-Our current (pound rescue) dog, Sasha, NEEDS another dog -- her past BFF was my (pound rescue) Saint Bernard, Baloo, who had to be euthanized for mauling someone recently :( he's in my icon.  I'm DEVASTATED, but Sasha needs another dog. She thrives on other dogs.
-Rescues love us because we used to foster and adopt special needs dogs through a rescue. Both dogs are likely to be placed with us if we want them.
-we neither have nor want kids.
-Sasha (our current dog) is very very very good with all people and pups.
Alonso is a BEAUTIFUL 2-year-old shelter pup. Good with dogs, kids, and cats. CALM AS HELL shockingly for his age. He's like an old man -- calm, lays there sweetly, not very playful, just the calmest dog ever. VERY sweet, gets along well with Sasha.
Zeuss-AKA-Louie is a 13-month-old rescue mix in the rural rescue group about 2+ hours away. He's 13 months old, so he definitely has puppy tendencies (chewing, etc). We've raised dogs with these issues, but it's obviously something to be noted as he'll need more attention. We didn't originally want a puppy but we LOVE his little face. He's more playful -- as most puppies are. He's adorable.

Both dogs are approximately 60 pounds (same size as Sasha), good with all people and pups.
We own our single family home, with a 1/3 acre yard with a 6' wood fence. We also have plenty of time to spend with either dog and are very very financially stable, so finances are not an issue.
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