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HP stuff and zippers

1. For Harry Potter fans: With the "Schools" feature - since it isn't searchable, grrrr - "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" is an available school, does anyone know if Durmstrang is? Since Durmstrang has an ambigious location ("somewhere in Eastern Europe with mountains"), it would take ages to go through all of the possibilities (especially since Russia would be a likely one, but there are over eleven thousand schools listed for Russia, so that ain't happening). I looked through Bulgaria already, but other likely places like Russia and Germany have way too many places to look. Also looked at the schools listings for the first dozen or so people listed as having Durmstrang as an interest, and no dice.

2. For everybody: How much does it cost to get a zipper in a coat replaced where you are?

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