Stella (star_angel22) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Have you ever:
A. been jealous of a friend
B. thought a friend was jealous of you?

2. If you were the one that was jealous, why were you jealous?
If you thought a friend was jealous of you, what made you think that and what did you do about it?

3. Have you been jealous of a friend purely because of 'looks' (as opposed to posessions, relationships, etc)?

My roomate and I used to be the best of friends, but gradually she has just gotten so distant.
She isnt like that w/ our other friends, so I know its something personal.

I have asked her several times over the past year or so things to the effect of "I feel like there is a lot of tension between us, is there anything you need/want to tell me or anything I do that really annoys you?" just to put it out there, and she always insisted that she wasnt mad.

She gets increasingly bitchy, snappy, and rude when she drinks/is drunk, which just makes me think even more that there is something goin on since she is usually more honest when she has been drinking.
Its gotton to the point that I dont even want to be around her, we barely talk at all in our apartment, I try to make small talk when we walk to classes or to meet friends together but it just feels so awkward. Also, I'll say lines from movies or lil inside jokes that we used to laugh over for hours and the only response I get is a fake laugh and then she turns away or walks away.

Sorry this is so long, just looking for suggestions of what I could possibly do, b/c there are no fights or anything that could be the cause of this, and I just dont understand what is going on with her...

Any advice or insight??


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