Amanda (failstoexist) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bored of my ipod touch games

I have finished Angry Birds and am almost done with Angry Birds Seasons. I had Angry birds for months, but I got the Seasons one about 2 weeks ago (or less) and have almost completed the whole thing. I also finished every level (through the Magic Box) of Cut the Rope.

I usually use my games when I show up somewhere early and am waiting for people, or in other similar situations-so for a few minutes at a time. I have some other games (bejeweled, skee-ball, oregon trail, scrabble) but I don't play them much. I also really like fruit ninja, but have finished all the possible achievements in that, and have high scores so ridiculous I can't even beat them anymore.

I don't like games that I need the internet for, because I rely on wi-fi for the games, and it drains the battery too much. So what can I get that will be fun and will keep me busy?

What is your favorite ipod/iphone/other mobile phone game?
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