clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

A few Harry Potter questions:

At the end of the 7th book, Aunt Petunia stops to say something to Harry, but then just continues on. JK Rowling said she was going to say something like, "I know that you're about to have a struggle, and I wish you luck." Did anyone think BS? She abused Harry for close to 2 decades, then suddenly cares that he might die?

Did anyone else guess early on that Petunia was jealous that Lily had powers and she didn't? It seemed pretty obvious the hate was jealousy related, not just hate for anything different.

How much do you think JK Rowling made up as she went along? I'm pretty sure the whole thing with Neville Longbottom being the possible Chosen One was made up later, as well as Harry's Invisibility Cloak being one of the original Peverel(sp) brothers' possessions.
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