Erin (evancalous) wrote in thequestionclub,

I work in a restaurant as a server and despite the fact that there is a sign at the front that says "Please wait to be seated.", there are occasionally people who wander in and plop themselves down at a table. Of course the table they usually pick is absolutely sticky and full of crumbs and they never get themselves menus. They just sit in the filth and get pissed off when their server doesn't realize they're there.

How would you address these people if the table they selected was in your section and you had to be their server?
I would love to say, "Hey moron, can't you read? We are supposed to seat you because obviously you can't do it without doing a shitty job." But I like making money more.
I generally go up to the table and cheerfully say, "Hello, would you like some menus?" And hope they make a connection but I think that may be too subtle.

DK/DC/I seat myself all the time: Have you ever had a Magnum ice cream bar? Did you love it?
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