sofriggencoolx (sofriggencoolx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Who's been the worst manager you've ever had at a job? Stories please.

Also, what are some dramatic ways I can quit my job

My long ass story:
I am pretty much fed up with my job to begin with because... a lot of reasons. But mainly because my manager threatened to fire me when I had an allergic reaction and had to call out of work (and it was my first time calling out too in months and have been working there for over a year), the manager still doesnt know my name (and I have been working there for a year) and I had one of my co-workers write me a nasty letter in my order pad (I'm a waitress).. and it goes on and on.

Well I am finally at my breaking point. They hired a new manager who is.. pretty much a middle aged bully. She calls people names behind their backs (she refers to a few of the waitresses as "fatass" and "bitch"), screams at coworkers and curses them out (to their faces), and is basically one of the meanest people I have ever met. She didn't have a problem with me previously so I kept my mouth shut and tried to get on her good side. Well during my shift today my mom showed up at work. She told me my cat had become paralyzed due a blood clot and will most likely have to be put to sleep. My mom wanted me to say goodbye to the cat so I told my manager I needed to go home due to a family emergency. She gave me attitude but I was visibly upset and almost started crying but did let me leave. Apparently right after I left she made fun of me for being upset to the other workers.

I am tired of her acting so unprofessionally. A boss is not supposed to make fun of the coworkers or comment on their weight. And a boss should not be a bully either. I plan to go over my main managers head (because he would just find some reason to fire me) and report her to Friendly's headquarters. but im steaming mad right now.

Any other ideas of what I could do and what to say? 


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