Bridget (tea_fiend) wrote in thequestionclub,

You're in a bar, sitting in your usual place, with the usual people. You've left a good two feet between yourself and the bar itself, so people can get past easily. Some idiot comes and sits down on a bar stool between you and the bar, entirely blocking the way. After you shift out of the way for someone to pass the seventh time, you're feeling quite violent towards the idiot on the bar stool.

You cast your eye over the potential weapons. These include: an empty beer bottle; a half-full glass; seventeen different boxes of snuff; a potted plant; a walking stick; beer mats; a pipe; and two old men. Using the weapons to hand, how do you exact vengeance on the idiot on the bar stool?

EDIT for room plan: you're not sitting on a bar stool yourself. You're at a table on the other side of the admittedly rather thin room.
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