I wanna be with you & makebelieve with you~ (leahfu) wrote in thequestionclub,
I wanna be with you & makebelieve with you~

I have been given the clearance to make music videos of adopted animals through our rescue. I'm doing this partly to get our facebook fan page more active since the old one was deleted. I plan on making a post asking the people who adopted from us to post pictures of their dogs/cats having fun! I need it to sound professional and so I'm coming to you guys. What would you say if you were making this post?
I'm thinking about trying to make it a competition of dogs vs cats to get people to post more, but I'm not sure if I can do that and make it sound professional.

Also, if you know any good songs about cats that are happy and upbeat I'll take it. So far I have Delilah by Queen or Whats New Pussycat by Tom Jones to choose from, but I am not completely sold on either of these. I want something more like The Dog Song by Nellie McKay.
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