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Question about rent

So, today I was a complete idiot and forgot to get my and my roommate's rent money to the rental company. She didn't have her half until today and I was supposed to pick it up at home after I got off work and run it to them before they closed at 5. I remembered about this at around 5:10.  

SO. The 5th is the last day they accept rent before incurring a late fee, but the 5th is on a Sunday (they're only open M-F). My question is: Since the 5th is on a Sunday, is there any chance that they'll forgive the late fee this time if I pay on Monday? We've never paid late before. I'm tempted to drive over and see if they have a drop box of some sort I could toss an envelope with the money into, but it seems foolish to put in an envelope full of cash and I do not have checks. 

Have you ever been in this situation? What would you do in my place? I'd really appreciate some advice right now, since the place is closed and I can't ask them personally, and a late fee would really, really hurt right now. 
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