Liz (bpddjeoomon) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm about to take the first quiz in one of my online classes. This is the extent of the information that the teacher told us about the content: "Take the Quiz on the Week 1 readings. See the quiz Announcement from yesterday for more info"
and then the announcement from yesterday says "The following Test has been made available in Quizzes & Midterm: Quiz Wk1"

Anyway, I'm nervous about taking it as she seems to be a fairly harsh grader so far. What can I do to calm myself down before taking this quiz?

DK/DC: I went to count how many posts were between my last post and this one and I kept thinking "four is at least five" and it still makes me laugh. There is no second question here, just that fyi. Unless you wanna tell me about your favorite hilarious TQC moment.
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