I wanna be with you & makebelieve with you~ (leahfu) wrote in thequestionclub,
I wanna be with you & makebelieve with you~

Dear TQC,

Last September I asked for song suggestions to make a video for my foster dog and was suggested The Dog Song by Nellie McKay. I loved it and did so.

I am thinking about making videos of adopted animals through our rescue and asking our fans to submit photos of their pets having fun. We're rebuilding our facebook fan page after it was deleted(long story that I don't have much info about) and I know the owner of the rescue would love an excuse to build up fan photos. I want to use The Dog Song for the adoptive dogs, but have no idea about the cats! Anyone have any suggestions for happy cat songs?

I want to have songs on hand before I ask our leader if I can do this project!
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