pastorlenny (pastorlenny) wrote in thequestionclub,

Grownup homework question

In conventional IT organizations, the company owned all the data center infrastructure and all the end-user devices.  In the Brave New World, the data center is increasingly being replaced by a bunch of third-party compute resources in the cloud -- and the end-users' devices are increasingly their own personal smartphones or laptops or iPads or whatever.

I need  good metaphor for the CIO's new role in this BNW, where the company is focused on managing the effective use of stuff that doesn't actually belong to it anymore.  I'm thinking of things like a conductor (who doesn't play any of the instruments, but makes the music happen) or a ship's rudder (because it's this little piece that guides the whole big ship).   These examples, unfortunately, are pretty corny and not very evocative.

So I'm crowdsourcing in TQC.  Can you give me any good idears?

And, no, "penis" is not acceptable.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  And it's too much like "rudder" anyway.

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