umbluemusic (umbluemusic) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was your last Epic!Fail type of day?

Mine was today, hands down.

A guy that I went out with on Monday, who I actually really was interested in, texted me today to basically blow me off - I guess he is dating someone else now. Possibly just an excuse, but still. Kind of a terrible way to start my day.

So to work off my sadness/frustration, I decided to go on a 1.9 mile hike at a local state park! It was listed as mostly easy, with one moderate hill in it. What could go wrong?!?!

So. Many. Things.

Apparently I was not a good girl scout because I wound up misreading the poorly labeled trail and wound up on an 8 mile, intermediate/expert hike up and down all these stupid valleys with my dog in this dense forest. I had to pee halfway through my 3 Hour Tour 4 hour hike, luckily I brought a couple tissues. And then we ran out of water/OJ halfway through, which was not good since I am diabetic and my dog's gums started getting kind of pale. I called my brother in a frantic state telling him to call a park ranger if I wasn't out of the park by 8 pm, since it closed at 8:45. After running into and scaring away an angry raccoon (who could have totally pwned my 30 lb dog in a heartbeat) I finally, FINALLY, wound up where I needed to be. So I get in the car, and halfway home I realize I have a fever. Yeah, totally caught a cold from Monday date guy I think, since he had one over the weekend. So now I have a fever of 100.3, and I'm waiting for the IBProfen to kick in so I can take my sore, tired ass to bed. My dog looks annoyed at me. Annoyed, but exhausted. The only positive thing, I guess, since he is only 9 1/2 months and is hard to wear out.

Also, he had these sticky green seedpods stuck all. over. him. I'm still pulling them off.

"Mom, you are never allowed to take us on a hike without supervision EVER AGAIN."

dk/dc: What are some good common cold remedies? I really have to be at work tomorrow since I started a new job this past Sunday.
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