Brandoch Daha (ticktockman) wrote in thequestionclub,
Brandoch Daha

Selling gold, buying mp3 player, maidenhair fern

1. Have you ever sold gold jewelry for the gold value? What are the ways to get the best offer? I have a couple of rings to sell, a 14k band and a 10k class ring. Will they tell me their per-gram payments? Should I pull the stone out of the class ring myself before I bring it in?

2. Is there a cheap mp3 player that you'd recommend? I'm probably going with Sansa Clip, but there are other brands out there. I'm looking at newegg and amazon. Where else should I shop?

3. I've been thinking about maidenhair fern, and whether or not it is named after pubic hair. Does your pubic hair now, or has it ever, looked like maidenhair fern? (You may disregard the actual color.)


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