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Creative Zens: as good as they sound?

Should I get an Ipod or Zen Sleek?
(Prices listed are from Amazon.)
Ipod, 280$ for 30gb; photo/video playback (which I don't need or even want). Uses Itunes, which is a downside.
Sleek, 240$ for 20gb; voice recorder (which I'd like). Can (from what I've read) easily work on more than one computer (which is essential).

I have about 15gb of music currently. I'd like to store some files on it, also - mostly just txt and docs.
I don't care about size or weight (all I keep hearing about the new Ipod is "It's soooo thin!"). I don't even care how the thing looks at all. I just want something durable enough to last me at least a year or two (preferably more, since I don't exactly have a lot of money to burn).

I've heard bad things about Ipods (especially about the batteries and customer service). On the other hand, I've heard very little at all about Zens - one of my friends has a Nano and the other has a Nomad (Zen Xtra), and they love them, but that's nearly all I've heard.

Is there anything I should know about Zens? Anything that might actually sway me toward an Ipod? (My friend with the Nomad recommends different software for Zens, but other than that, absolutely raves about them.)

Does it sound like a bad idea to get the "new" Nomad listed here, and if's worth it, is there any way to give it voice recording capability? I like this design better and I love the capacity, but that's the only newish one I've found for sale.

Anything else to add? Different recommendations, perhaps? (I can't go over 300$, and I'd like to try to stay under 250$ if possible.)

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