cold as ice cream but still as sweet (rebel_waltz) wrote in thequestionclub,
cold as ice cream but still as sweet

sob sob first world problems

people who have the latest version of Firefox, what do you think?

does anyone have Avast! as their anti-virus? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

i just got my laptop back from the computer people. i spent $158 and everything seems to be working GREAT! EXCEPT things that involve flash or loading a video. they get stuck. the sound will keep going but the video will stop. after playing around and wanting to throw things, i figured out if i was constantly moving my finger on the track pad, like around in a small circle so the arrow was always moving, that the video or the game loading would keep going, but if i stopped, it stopped.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? i'm frustrated enough to cry.
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