Feyna (caligogreywings) wrote in thequestionclub,

dog breed

I realize that I kinda almost hijacked a thread over in C_S, so...

Care to take any guess as to what my dog is?
Photo album, feel free to ignore or comment on the other critters.

We were told she's at least part Aussie. She's got the face markings for it, and that blank Aussie stare. But she's only 27 pounds, and she's got spots under her coat, as well as having that white coat. She's not curly haired anywhere, but she might still have some spaniel somewhere back in her blood. Her tail is a brush, usually sticks straight out, not curled up or anything.

She's either the smartest dumb dog, or the dumbest smart dog, and she's a shelter rescue.

ETA: If this helps, she's also pretty quiet. And when she does bark, it's remarkably deep. She was pretty easily trainable, but most mutts are smart enough for it, and I think she also wanted to please us so freakin much, poor thing.
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