Felix (felixdiecat) wrote in thequestionclub,

What are your favorite porn sites? Free = better.

(I'm looking for myself, naturally. I'm a gay dude, but I'm not into the 'traditional' scene. Young, skinny, teenage boys going at it doesn't really do it for me. Nothing personal to those who like it, but 'twinks' aren't my scene. Longer videos are better, of course, and the ability to add in some, er, 'fun' is also nice. :D)

Have you ever watched porn with someone (like your significant other)?

I did with my ex once. It didn't go well. He was just like "omg! bears!" all the time, and we couldn't agree on anything. I rolled my eyes at his choice and his requests, and he actually asked me "wait... Does this actually do anything for you?" Never did that again. >_>

So, yeah. Porn site suggestions? I don't wanna pay, and I don't want viruses....
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